LoL: Finally play along! The great guide for beginners in League of Legends

The selection of Champions League of Legends is very big. Especially for newcomers or LoL beginners, it is initially difficult to keep track of the more than 120 different heroes. Since the heroes differ not only visually, but also by abilities from each other, one also has a greater chance of finding the “right” champion for himself and his preferred style of play. Some heroes, especially wizards, play with AP (Ability Power / Ability Power) items. Other heroes play with AD (Attack Damage) items – these include the shooters.

LoL beginner guide

In order to equip a champion with AP or AD you have to buy items for gold in the running game via the shop in the base. You can improve your gold income by killing enemy champions or vassals or neutral jungle monsters. Ability Power refers to heroes who deal damage with their abilities rather than with their automatic attacks.

Attack damage affects automatic attacks, but also improves the abilities of various heroes. It always depends on the hero you play. If you hover your mouse over a skill of your hero, you’ll see if and how this ability scales with AD and / or AP. Orange means AD, blue stands for AP.

Value scaling

In order to have a rough sense of how these heroes play, they are assigned to different roles.
The best champions for beginners in LoL, the right one for every role. Assassins: These champions are meant to quickly kill other low-living champions (such as the enemy shooter). Most of the time, these assassins do not do much themselves, but die quickly when opponents focus their abilities on them. For example, “Talon” is suitable as a LoL.

Sorcerer / Mage: As described above, you play these champions with items that give you a skill level. For sorcerers, you can also distinguish between “Burst” and “Dps” wizards. A burst is called high damage, which is done in a short time. The DPS wizards include the heroes who do constant damage over time. A recommendation for a LoL novice magician would include “Annie”. Sometimes, you need to boost your game with a booster. Lol elo boost is one of the best boosters.

Tank: Champions who count as tanks play with items that give high levels of resistance and health. In group battles you can do a lot of damage and focus on getting the enemy attacks on you, while the allied teammates can distribute their damage to their opponents. To accomplish this, there are, for example, heroes with mocking skills who force opponents to attack them. If you want to try a champion who qualifies as a LoL beginner tank, I would recommend “cooking”.

Post Author: Aariyeh Bleiz