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Zombie attack has come. The humans must be destroyed. Turn people into zombies, and make this world be a world of zombies in a zombie tsunami.

Game released by mobigame is quite interesting to play. Usually the zombie-themed game, you’ll play into a zombie destroyer. But in this game, the opposite happened.

You became man and try to destroy human race to turn people into zombies. This game concept endless run game where the zombie that you play will keep running. Turn the people into zombies.

The game is quiet easy to play. You simply hit the man in front of you. Automatically, the man will turn into zombies and come behind you.

The more people who you change into a zombie, the more rows of your zombies . certainly in the running, you will face many obstacles. Every obstacle is hit you that will decrease the number of zombies who come behind you. The game will end when you no longer have a zombie followers and you hit an obstacle.

“Version : 729AG / 82AK (Updated 2 Days Ago)”

Indeed, every people wanna have the best achievement of playing the game. And also they need to feel comfortable and enjoy of playing the game. Besides, to get that enjoy, you have to collect the supporting items first. the supporting items are needed to help you win the game.

But the important thing is, you have to collect the premium currency before you get the supporting items. In this game, premium currency known as Coins. Coins is the precious thing for you to win the game. But this stuff is hard to obtain. you have to keep struggle of playing the game just to get a Coins.

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