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EV3 Drag Racing Gold Coins Hack Generator

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If you’re in thirst of a good drag game, then EV3 is the game for you, even though the app store is filled with the game that adopts drag race as they genre but EV3 has a lot more to give out than any similar title out there. EV3 is addictive, and to be the best racer then, you need Gold Coins.

Gold Coins have scattered around in this game, but only in small amount. You need to use real money to get your hands on a good amount of Gold Coins.Or you could try to hack the game and give you free Gold Coins with our generator!


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EV3 is a fast paced drag racing game where there are a lot of opponents to beat ;  the game packs a lot of features like customization , engine and a variety of cars. By having a free will of making your car, EV3 succeed and currently are the best drag race game in the app store.

This game offers a real excitement as like you played in that drag race. The graphic is also a great key factor of what makes this game really good; they have an outstanding 3D graphic that makes you feel like in the real heat of a real world drag race.

Using our EV3 Drag Racing Gold Coins Hack Generator then you will be given tons of Gold Coins as you want because the game is easy to hack in. You can now get all items from luxury items to engines that make you win every race. Our mighty generator is completely free to use and will give you no risk at all!

EV3 Drag Racing Hack Generator gives:

  • unlimited Gold Coins
  • chance to collect everything
  • free to use
  • and much more!

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